Politics and People

Politics is a beast that comes to steal your peace.

People need to get along. People need rules to live by. People are both good and evil. People are imperfect. People have had many ways of self governance. People have bent the knee to political ideologies and lost their humanity and freedom. People need politics like a campfire needs rocks.

Politics shouldn’t be a burden on the people. Politics shouldn’t be divisive. Politics should seek justice for all. Politics should seek to make every individual as free as possible without injuring others or the community. Politics should be the sword and shield of justice, not the enslaver of its own people. Politics should be run by decent, pillars of communities, for the common good. Politics shouldn’t put money over people. Politics as human self governance should invest in people. Politics should invest in our natural resources, our public education, our public health. Politics as governance of people shouldn’t be controlled by religious sects or corporations. Politics should have no place for bad politicians who line their own pockets and relish division.

Unjust laws are made to control people. Unjust politicians create laws on behalf of one group. Unjust politicians betray those they should serve. Unjust politicians do whatever they can to keep power. Unjust politicians do not seek reconciliation. Unjust politicians demonize their opponents. Unjust politicians will twist the truth with lies and deny their own fault. Unjust politicians miss the good old days when hate and bigotry were acceptable practices. Unjust politicians use hate to build walls, cells, and prison camps. Unjust politicians use big government to force their moral views and criminalize others behaviors.

It is for us to build a better society. Not just by working on ourselves, but by working with others. It is on us to not only seek our own prosperity but that of our neighbors too. A better society doesn’t come through stricter laws, but through opportunities and peace. A better society doesn’t come through handouts from NGOs, but through government investing in its people. A better society is built with the help of good politicians who invest in resources to help the poor, build safer neighborhoods by removing scarcity, and creating opportunities. Politicians are tools of society to shepherd resources along so that they have a return in peace and prosperity.

We live in a time of unjust politicians.

It is for us to seek justice, to sway others peacefully, to seek the well being of all. IT is for us to pick better politicians. It is for us to choose those who would fight for our freedoms and the well-being of the weak.

Later Gator 🐊


It Is Good To Be You

Good Morning, let dive in.

If you cannot be yourself and accept your fuck ups, you will not be happy.

Cringe moments, the feeling of embarrassment, and the shame of making a mistake are life threatening. They hold most people back from really living. They can’t take the emotional pain of put themselves out there. I feel that pain in my core. It fucking hurts. Imagine how fun it would be fun to sing karaoke. But this bitch clams up and nothing comes out, even when drinking.

Most people feel the pain of everyday moments in the spotlight like a vamprie in the sun. They hurt when it becomes their time to shine. They fall in line and behind, hiding away from the spotlight. Which isn’t the end of the world, but they shy away even there is no spotlight. They imagine someone or a group of people cares, when they don’t.

Most people don’t give two fucks what you are doing. It;s one of the reasons I think TikTok so great. There is no hiding, people put their faces to video and share it with the world. They are free to communicate and try to have fun. They are free to embarrass themselves. Here’s the thing, trolls and haters will always be there. Their opinions are worthless. The shitty thing though is we let their thoughts influence ours. We hide who we are and what we think. We become less of ourselves and more of a shit version of who we could be when we let them have a say.

The ability to accept yourself, your flaws, and fuck ups, matters to your happiness. It is also the ultimate Fuck you to the trolls and haters.

When you accept who you are it makes your ability to grow as a person possible. Like a tree in proper conditions you will flourish. We will have our limits and those won’t make us any less beautiful, but the opposite. Our constrains from who we are and our perspectives. We learn to accept others and appreciate them. We become part of a human whole a tribe working together to fill each others needs. We accept that we cannot do it all. We appreciate what others do for us. We come to the realization that our life is limited on time and we can only do what the Almighty has put in our life to do. We are not responsible for doing more. Once we accept ourselves, we can forgive ourselves when we fuck up and move on. We can apologize to those we hurt or let down, but we move on. That moving on is what leads to happiness. We don’t always fuck up, we don’t always make ourselves cringe, we don’t always embarrass ourselves, in fact we do alright 99% of the time.

My time just ran out, I have to get on to work now.

Later Gator 🐊


The Freedom To Be Authentic

Good Morning, let’s dive in.

The world, all the systems in the world, from work to religion has a hierarchy. The higher you climb the less human you become. The higher you climb, the more people care about what you do. The more they care, the more you have to care what they think. What they think of you- what they deem right- is what keeps you in your position.

The primacy of a hierarchy in human society is to help move us along. They shape our social contracts and how we get along. The moral high ground is the bedrock of trust. When a person acts and comes off like a saint, we trust them. They have built an image of themselves in our minds. That image is what we use to determine whether or not they are trustworthy.

But when you are not climbing a ladder. When you don’t need others to think highly of you. When you don’t care- you can be authentic. You can be a good person and at times a funny person. You can be a human being flawed and growing. When you climb the ladder, you have to become perfect. You have to watch what you say. When you are at the bottom of the ladder, you have all the power. You could tip the ladder over, shake the ladder, walk away from the ladder.

Those on the ladder may have a higher view, but they have less control of what those on the ground actually do.

But they put systems in place for that. At one time it was being excommunicated or shunned. The common folk had to watch themselves and strive to be like those on the ladder. We aren’t too far from that today. The difference is we at the bottom are self governing. We CANCEL people when they act out of line. Some people hate it. They hate it because they can’t control it. They hate it because it is the will of a community to cancel someone or not. It isn’t up to those on the ladder. Cancel culture is no different than excommunication. Repentance is the requirement for acceptance, but one may never reach their former position.

There are many ladders. Many tribes. Many, many, people who build their own platforms.

And then there are people like us.

Writers, artist, rebels, and risk takers. Free thinkers do not look to the crowd to make sure they’re safe to climb. We do not climb a ladder, but a rock face mountain. Our ascent is made by pulling ourselves up. We shout to the people below, “This view is terrifically horrifying, you should see how small we really are.” And we keep climbing. We see humanity as individuals and a group. We lose sight of a way down, and all we know is it is better to jump than fall. Our aim was never to sit on top of a ladder. Ours was to see like the gods. Ours was to fly. Ours isn’t a climb to be the boss. Ours is the climb to be authentic. The mountain is what we cling to, it is our work. We don’t need others for it. We could be a recluse and still climb the mountain to see.

I am out of time.

Later Gator 🐊