Good Morning, Start Again

So, we are back, but not to your regular blog post schedule. I know, 30 days straight was rough. I personally am not a fan of that being in my in box, but others like it. Not to recap, but towards the end there my personal attitude became that of a positive go getter and…More

Day 30: Some Zen Sh*t

Before we get on to the meat of our last day, congratulations! We did it! 30 days of positive thinking… It is just fine if you didn’t, I did. Just writing has had an impact on my day to day and when shit doesn’t go my way. So, on the mindset front it has been…More

Day 29: Elevate your Attitude

Something needs to be said before, we are done with this challenge. Attitude, motivation, and will power need to be renewed daily. They don’t last. We are all human. Sometimes they need to be renewed throughout the day. Sometimes focusing on the goal helps other times, focusing on the journey. We are all different and…More