Good morning, let’s dive in.

Reality is a bitch. A mean, heartbreaking, soul stealing, life ruining, bitch. And, and life is a beautiful, caring, nurturing, intoxicating, dream. There are horrible things that happen. There are people who commit horrible acts against innocent men, women, and children. There are people who are callous to the damage they commit against others. Their selfishness is that on the level of the lion that eats its prey alive despite the screams of pain. It pulls the guts from the soft underbelly indulging in getting its fill. Then there are people who would go without. They would starve, freeze, and toil away just to make sure others are taken care of. There are those that dedicate their lives to the lives of others. They are unsung heroes who give far more than they take. Their life is a light that lights others way through the darkness.

The living dead human heart is a fucked up mess. It doesn’t live in cooperation and collaboration with others. It is fueled by greed and lust, it is self deceived in declaring its innocence when guilty and blames others when judgment comes.

The genuine human heart is a warming fire. It burns to help others keep warm, it lights the way for other to safety, it heats others so they may too escape the coldness of the world, it does all this while providing the same for itself. It thrives and grows in cooperation and collaboration. As torches are lit from its flame it doesn’t reduce in size but expands its view of possibilities and love.

Guard yourself and your loved ones, life is short, humans are messy, and all we have is each other.

Later Gator 🐊

Hey, Believe In You

Good morning, let’s go.

There is something missing from your vision of who you are. It is a problem most of us have. We miss it because it is allocated to others. You are creative. You are a leader. You are capable of changing your life.

Now, I have met people who lack. They are missing something upstairs and yet they are still succeeding. They still push to better their lives. They don’t let the limp they live with stop them from completing the marathon. They persevere.

If clueless socially inept people can make a living and pursue their dreams, so can you.

I know it is fucked up to compare ourselves to others. But. But it has to be done when we think less of ourselves than we should. It is not us being humble it is us accepting a shitty verdict about ourselves that is groundless. And even if we can’t shake the negativity, we know in comparison we are still capable of putting in the work and going after our dreams or at least a life we enjoy.

The smallest step towards change is accepting the fact that you are a creative problem solver and can come up with solutions to any problem. The second is accepting that you are the leader of your life, you can say this is where I want to go and put the effort in to get there. The third thing is you absolutely are able to make changes that matter in your life, be it your fitness, financial situation, career, or relationships, you can make it different, no matter how long it takes.

Believe in yourself, and if you are socially inept, don’t worry, plenty of people will accept you for you. I have seen it done, even with the most annoying people.

Later Gator 🐊

Inside Out Goals

Good morning, let’s go.

This is going to be quick.

The problem most people have me especially, is we don’t recognize the real problem.

Most goals that people have are self-made problems.

Nobody gives a fuck about your goals or dreams.

They are not their problem. They don’t have to figure out how you can succeed. They don’t care. They may root you on, but they have problems of their own. That is the reason they don’t care. On top of that, they also hide the fact that they have problems.

Your problem isn’t at the top of their list.

That doesn’t mean they don’t want to help, or that they won’t keep you in mind if something good comes up. It means, don’t expect them to put their energy into your goals.

When we set goals, we have to become the solution. We are not waiting for a condition, situation, or a hero, we are the solution, for better or worse.

We are also the problem.

When we set external goals that have nothing to do with who we are, what we need to overcome, what we need to fix on the inside, then we set our goals in a nebulous space. All journeys begin with an internal longing, an outward expression, but they all change us on the inside. If they are truly our goals. It is not “O’ I wish I were so and so, they are so lucky, I am going to do that.” it is I want to be.

Our goals must be an outward expression of who we are. Then we can work out not only our why, but our how.

Your journey in this life ends. Who you become, the impact you have, the love you gave matters. Don’t twist up outward success like money, looks, and fame, with true success like wealth, community, and love.

The purpose you give your life, will define your goals.

Later Gator 🐊