Helping Others

Before I killed the blog, I had one goal in mind. Help other writers. Had you read the blog before, you would have probably been smarter than me, and said my goal was to help others. No one group in particular just whoever needed the advice or encouragement at the time.

Last night when I got home from work I had a flat tire. I was using my daughter’s car, long story, anyway her tires were bald. So, we have a van that has been sitting for years. My wife looked it up and the tires should have swapped. In fact, the tires on the van were the size prescribed for the car. The swap should have been simple. Naw. The Tires once filled were not only too big, it stopped the car from moving. We took a break and ate dinner. After dinner, we had the joy of trying to switch them back. Not so simple. The tires had seized. I am not a mechanic, I am not a fixer of things, so when the first tire wouldn’t come off I knew we were in for a late-night.

I sat there in the dark trying to jack up a van ass in the snow. I didn’t think about how bad it was, how unfair it was, a little bit about how funny it was, but I thought about C.B.Bohren and the email he sent me at the beginning of the year. Here is someone I met online with a great intention as far as I could see and that is to help and encourage others. Every online interaction of his has this flavor of I want to help. The email was great. He expressed disappointment with me ending the blog. As I went from laying in the snow to sitting to laying. The struggle to switch the wrong tires back was getting worse. Because the tires seized, which as far as I know means they stuck to the car. I had to hit the damned thing as hard as I could to get them off. So for a couple of those seven hours of changing tires, I reconsidered my whole approach to what I am doing online.

Here’s the thing, my intention is like C.B.’s but less hands-on. I want to help people through my writing. I wanted to narrow my focus. I wanted to be able to say these people are who I will make content for, it will be easy, we are the same. I listened to the advice of the pros I wanted to niche down. But I was doing to my content, what I did with the tires. I was putting the wrong wheels on the vehicle. I knew it yesterday morning. I knew it when what I wanted to do was just sit down and write something for as long as I could without knowing what was going to be said. No preempting, I would just go along for the ride.

Cold, wet, and sore I realized I was setting myself up for more failure. I realized, my best bet is me. Not on niching down, not on trying to follow directions (which I suck at), but just following this weird path of being me online. As I talked about it with my wife, she agreed. She knows how easy this blog comes to me, she also knows I could do a newsletter to. Just in case you are new here, the newsletter was going to replace the blog. My intention and it still remains is to go fishing, to go out and find my tribe, to find people who want what I create and to help them. So, with around five hours of sleep and feeling good, I sit here and write to you before I head off to work. I am awake, full of goodness and energy. I am excited to sit down and write like this a bit about myself and with intentions of encouraging and helping you (through my words, lol). A newsletter will still come out at the end of the month please, sign up for that. It will be special and mean a lot to me.

I am going to wrap this up. I want you to win. I want you to live your best life now. I want for you everything I want for myself, happiness in the work you do, health in the way you live, and peace in the actions you take. It looks like you will be stuck with me. Hopefully, I can serve you better this year and how about for the rest of my life (that is how long I plan on writing). It is going to be a wild year my friends. I feel like a dog that got past the front door and is just running!

Just so we are all clear, Nino Olson writer helping others, that’s who I am and what my intentions are summed up. (not a bad tagline) I love you all, thanks for reading.

Aaaaaaaaand the comments are open.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


Special thanks to C.B. Bohren.

Update: A lot has changed and nothing since the writing of this post. My commitment to write and get my self out there into the world hasn’t changed. But my approach has. I have nothing really figured out besides the fact that I need to put out more and better work.