Four Buckets of Life

Good morning, let’s go.

Money can’t buy love. Money can’t replace memories. Money can’t bring back the dead. Money can’t fix a broken home. Money can’t undo what was done. Money is exchanged for time is a necessary action for survival.

No amount of money is worth missing your kid’s childhood. I don’t fucking care what you say about it. Money doesn’t build bonds, time does.

Most of us on life’s journey have to exchange for time and effort for money.
Fucking facts.

There are buckets in life we need to figure out. Health, wealth, relationships and purpose are our major buckets. The only reason money must be on the list is, it is how we survive.
It is how we get others to do things for us.
Its value is that of energy.
It is our way of giving others what they also need to survive.

These four buckets of life are for you to fill.

Your Health consists of what you eat, what your body is able to do, how clear you can think, your mental state, it is about how well you love yourself.

Your Wealth is everything to do with money- work, spending, saving, investing, dream and goal funding. Shelter, food, security, all of that is summed up in how you provide for yourself and others. What most people miss is means. How you build your wealth, what you do to build your wealth, takes thoughtfulness. And if you are not the type pay a financial planner and then follow the fucking plan.

Your relationships vary from family, to work, to personal, to community, to religious, and finally to support. You play a role in others lives and they do in yours. How you treat them and how they treat you matters. Companionship matters. Do not sleep on this bucket. There are many, many ways to build relationships with people that matter.

Your purpose is the most elusive bucket. The only reason is we think it is a goal. WE create our own purpose. Even those people who claim they have a calling are just following their desire. Our purpose is who and what we want to be. We have thousands of years of genetic arts and culture beating through our veins. We know what it is to function in society. It is on us to choose our part. And the more we act out of service to others the better we are at it.

All of the buckets are linked together. They share the same well of life. Each can be filled if you put the work in to do so. Most people focus on money as everything. Money is only a means of concentrated energy. It can dissipate. You can use it to help fill other buckets. All of the buckets require time and energy. Focusing on one can leave the others empty.

I gotta go.
Later Gator 🐊

Billions of People and Your Short Life

Good morning, let’s dive in.

I had to travel a bit over the last few days. What struck me was the amount of people that are just alive. They are everywhere. They have routines, family problems, dreams, aspirations, and all the problems everyone else’s has with some unique twists. Billions of people on the planet. Most of them are going through the same thing you are. Some have it better, some worse, but they all need to eat, they all want to love, they all want to be someone who is loved and appreciated. They all had to make a living. Mind-Fucking-Blown!

When you realize how many people are out there seeming to be competition for resources, shit gets overwhelming. Doubt in the face of adversity kicks in. A scarcity mindset takes over. It is one of the reasons why people turn to crime. It is easier to get resources; the only rule is not to get caught.
But reality is better than the grim view of competition.

You Can Have Everything In Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.

Zig Ziglar

The above quote lives in my head.
It is one of the deepest truths I believe about real success. Most people aren’t willing to help others get what they want. They don’t realize the truth, you will always be paid less than whatever work you put in, and in doing so you help the other person out. Can you profit, FUCK yes! You see there are times it is way more time saving and cost effective to higher a professional. You are paying for years of expertise and skill. You are paying for the mistakes they learned from, and saving yourself the time and effort to do or have a thing.
Paying for a doctor bill is high, not as much as it would take to become a doctor. Buying an app that helps track your progress, is cheaper than learning to code and build the app.
Going out for a fancy dinner is cheaper, than hiring a personal chef and crew to serve you food and clean up. I get you can eat at home, but that’s not fancy.
The list goes on. Think about this, it is cheaper to hire you to do work, than it is for the owner of a business to do it themselves.

There is an old quote, “get working on your dreams, or you will be paid to work on someone else’s.” It could be goals, it doesn’t matter. This is a great quote, but misses the point, some people will fulfill their dreams, working on other peoples.
The world works better when we cooperate, our lives get better when we find our purpose in serving, our lives become more abundant when we do it on purpose.

Life is short. We all die. Selfishness, greed, and the pain we cause others by what we take, have no lasting value. When out lives become about me, myself, and I the world becomes a mean place full of mean people. We become rats in a rat race and the cheese is a weak motivator.

Your life is short. Even if you live to a hundred, you would look back and wonder where the time went. Live it in love and service and you will look back and wonder how you did it all in such a short amount of time.

Later Gator 🐊

OH, there are billions of people on the planet. That means there are plenty for you to help. Keep your head up and hopes high. You got this.