Choose Death

We only live in this moment it is up to us to die to the woulds, coulds, and shoulds of life and live in the present moment.  It is in this moment that we can influence the future, we have the choice to have an optimistic, pessimistic, or opportunistic attitude and that determines not only our day but also how we act, react, and see every situation. No one knows the future, even those who plan on making it.  So much can change in the blink of an eye that knowledge of the present moment is key to enjoying life. The future by its nature acts like chaos, it is when we live it in the present moment that we can navigate it and succeed in our undertakings. But to do so, we must ultimately die to other options. When we have committed to our task, then we can play with reckless abandon not concerned with our ego, but caught up in the task.

Bad Luck Makes Heroes

Negative things happen to everyone, no one alive lives without a tragedy, pain, or setbacks.  That reality means that we all have a choice to live a hero’s journey.  We do not have to let our negative experiences rule our lives.  Instead, we can be heroes who rise after calamity or catastrophe.  The bad luck we experience is the question how bad do you want it?  How bad do you want to win in life?  What are you willing to go through to get it? Which brings up a sub point; the life of a hero is full of endless challenges and obstacles. The hero’s journey doesn’t end, but escalates to better problems if you conquer yourself and the obstacles at hand. Your journey to mastery will rise and your enemies and challenges will up your game.

We Are All Human

It took me years to really learn what it means to be human. It took me more to learn that everyone else was too.  What that means is no one is perfect and we all have problems.  We have limited views and perspectives.  Some people have answers to some of life’s problems and others are barely getting out of bed.  Compassion is the first rule when dealing with others. I know this is hard, some people are assholes and some would make the world a better place if they just took themselves out of it.  But, and that is a strong but, compassion requires understanding that they have had a world of influence and situations that formed them.  Just like when we were kids our parents’ actions, attitudes and intentions formed us and set expectations that we live by.  Before I go off on a random flight of the pain of the world, just realize most of us are just grown ass kids acting like we know what we are doing when we don’t.  We follow the pattern of the society. We are all human doing the best we can.