There is very little time in a year. There is no time in five years. You are out of time in ten years. The expanded amount of time in goal setting lets you believe you have time. It puts action into an imaginary place that will happen when you are ready. There is today and … Continue reading Run

Begin With You

What is it you want? Sounds like an easy question to answer until you really have to think about it. Because there is a follow up, what are you willing to do to get it? I personally believe that all good things come in service to others. So the second question cuts out illegal or … Continue reading Begin With You

Do What You Can

Small progress is better than no progress. It is easy to get bummed out about the fact that you might only have fifteen minutes today to get something done. But the truth is if you don't spend those fifteen minutes doing it, you will fall further behind. What we must consider is that small progress … Continue reading Do What You Can


Time flies and every year it gets faster. Technology gets faster and change, change happens rapidly. Yet, all of this motion and it is possible to stand still, to get left behind, to remain unchanged. Plenty of people do it. Plenty of people get by doing what they had done in the past. Plenty of … Continue reading Slow