Go, Do, Be

This post is going to be short. As you can see below. Go Most people, do not leave their home, their local habitat and live like they are in a zoo. The farthest their minds will go is on a screen, size doesn't matter. They miss the internal adventure of imagination. New thoughts, ideas and … Continue reading Go, Do, Be

Good Luck

Luck happens. Nobody likes to admit it happens, but it does. Luck is undeserved, unmerited, and unpredictable, it comes at you in any way, shape or form to give you a boost. Successful people hate admitting it because they can't control it, it just happens. It is that time of year when a wave of … Continue reading Good Luck


It is time for a new adventure. It is time to end an old one. It is time for exploration. It is time to put away the books. It is time to be enterprising. It is time to stop speculating. It is time for you and I to get on with living. The work of … Continue reading Work