The End of The World

The world looks like it is ending. It looks like we are in the oblivious stages in a dystopian novel. It looks like we are in the part of the story where everyone wants to act like things are fine and we can go back to normal. Who wants to embrace the end of whatContinue reading “The End of The World”

Having F. A. I. T. H.

Let’s get to something that pushes the art world, hell the real world into action- faith. I am not talking about faith in god, or faith in the universe. What I am talking about is faith in your idea. Faith in a creative goal, faith in making a dream come true. Most of the worldContinue reading “Having F. A. I. T. H.”

The Compulsion to Write

Ordinary people do not like to write. It is true, putting ideas to words. Sorting those words into sentences that make sense. Making those sentences make sense with the other shit you want to say. Doing so, so that the entire paragraph makes sense. Doing that doesn’t appeal to an ordinary person. Don’t try toContinue reading “The Compulsion to Write”