The alarm goes off at 4:10 am I turn it off. I am not sure if it is the first time I did it. I have to think for a second. I lay back in the bed. Five minutes of sleep can feel like forever. The red light calls to be pressed. I get up. … Continue reading Distracted

Personal History

The world that we live in is different than the one we think we do.  We wake up to our own situations. We deal with our problems. We go through the our lives creating our own personal histories. We create ourselves new everyday. We become more of what we do. We settle, we work, we … Continue reading Personal History

Play Pretend

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. Albert Einstein   Don't Just sit there. The life we want to live is not going to happen just because we want it to. No, as much as an introvert like me has tried. Life, the world, and even friends, … Continue reading Play Pretend

Hard Work

What is the value of hard work? What does it mean to be a hard worker? Personally I see a trap in the words. I don't think of it as a good reflection of a person if that is their attribute. Hard work to me means that is all they know how to do. It … Continue reading Hard Work

Slow Long Walk

Have you ever went on a long walk? You leave home just to come back. The journey the motion over time and space. Breathing in the air and letting it out. Thoughts coming and going. Life moving by. The landscape changes and with out mechanical aid you have moved across the earth. In the end … Continue reading Slow Long Walk