October 31st, Nanowrimo, and Goal Setting For Next Year

Good morning, let’s go. We got two months left of the year. That is it 61 days. 61 days to new resolutions.61 days to new goals.61 days to new diets.61 days to put off doing shit you should have done 304 days ago. Tomorrow is November… For writers it is the temptation month of nanowrimo.Continue reading “October 31st, Nanowrimo, and Goal Setting For Next Year”

The Warrior or The Healer?

Good Morning, let’s go. In today’s modern culture, we have shit wrong. We imagine the guy who can lift heavy weights, beat someone up, or do something athletic is a great hero. But the truth is they don’t play the most important role in our societies. They aren’t as needed as teachers, doctors, farmers, andContinue reading “The Warrior or The Healer?”