When You Are The Problem

Good morning, let’s go! Struggles get easier to deal with when we understand them. So, back when video games were new. Super Mario was the shit. Run and gun games challenged our reflexes and ability to deal with what was coming ahead. After dying a thousand times we beat the stage. The stage level didn’t…More

Feeling Lost In Life

Good Morning, Let’s get going. Sometimes we get lost. I shit you not. Before smartphones, people carried fucking maps. It was a necessity for every vehicle to have a map. And once you got lost, you had to find your place on that map. Unlike the map at the mall there is no you are…More


What is human? To make mistakes is human. To feel pain is human. To love is human. To laugh is human. To forgive is human. To play is human. To need is human. To feel fear is human. To act on emotions is human. To want to belong is human. To react is human. To…More