When The World Invades Your Mind

Zero published posts in the 20 days. Not Zero posts written, zero published. The world is really in a bad way right now. So much that out of the ten posts I didn’t enjoy them. There was a meh, bright side. It wasn’t worth yo reading. It wasn’t worth me publishing. It was like a…More

Goal setting and Effort

So, I’m working on a fitness- thing; diet, exercise, and shit- goal, that is what it is called a goal. March is my last month of being on a Keto diet. I started in the beginning of January. It has gone okay, Getting covid at the end of January into early February set me back…More

The Fear Of Attention

Let’s cut the bullshit. You are a social fucking animal. You care what the tribe thinks of you, you care what the family unit thinks of you, and you care what that fucker a million miles away on the internet thinks of you because we were born to connect to each other- it fucking sucks.…More