A Look Into My Morning Writing Routine

What does a typical morning look like when I write a blog post? Well, I work at 6:30am So I get up at 4am. Unlike a sane person I do this to be ready for the day. I do it so I am not waking up at work. I do it so I can enjoy…More

What Voice Of Reason Will You Listen to?

Who you talk with and listen to will influence how you think about life. 90’s Music might be cool or nostalgic, but a lot of it is depressing. The same goes with a lot gangsta rap, country, and christian worship music- it will fuck up your head space. Sometimes the best thing to do is…More

Negative is The Easy Button For Life

It is a weird assumption to make that everything is going to be alright. But we do it. Not only that we comfort others with the words, “Everything is going to be alright.” Sometimes it is all we need. We want to be reassured. We want the comfort of knowing no matter how bad it…More