Rules Are Made To?

Good Morning, Let’s Go! What rules do you think you need to play by? What world do you live in? What rules of that world makes no sense in any other time? What do you think would happen if you broke those rules? What do you think would happen if you challenged them? What do…More

Faith Shouldn’t Be Forced

Good Morning, Let’s Go! This is a long one: Be careful who you read and listen to. Be careful who you give your attention to. Be careful with your mind, it is an easily manipulated place. If you read a book, it changes the physical aspect to your brain, the same thing goes with watching…More

If You Can Believe In Yourself, You Can Overcome Fear

Good Morning, Let’s Go. Don’t be afraid to change everything. Don’t be afraid to walk away from what you said you wanted. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and love yourself enough to be free. Your ability to believe in yourself is your greatest asset. Do you have limits, yes. But if you…More