Day 25: Results Thinking

Keep the end in mind, isn’t an original idea. But it matters when we are working on projects we want to see come to life. Most of us get married to a way of doing things. It becomes a “my way or the highway situation.” Or a “that’s the way we have always done it,”…More

Day 24: Negativity is a Drug, Avoid it.

Depression, sadness, and negative thinking are mental traps that feed a world view loop, that some people never leave. One of the worst parts of being human is knowing we can’t force people to change. We can’t just snap them out of depression or a pattern of thinking of the worst. The best we can…More

Day 23: Do It For The Plot

The race is on! 7 days left, not including today, of course. I am ready for the break. Sleep in, lazy about, not have to work out for one day. Shit. It is going to be nice. But we still have work to do. A couple of months ago, I heard this perfect phrase “Do…More