The Work You Choose

Good Morning, let’s go. We were meant for rest. The human body wasn’t meant to be stressed out all day long. It wasn’t meant to be working hard for long periods of time, unless your jogging. We excel at doing less. I know a few people who can’t help but work a lot. They have…More

The Future isn’t The Time To Pursue Dreams

Good Morning, let’s rock and roll. “Just do it.” Every parent trying to get their teenager to wash the dishes Listen, there is always going to be a voice in your head telling you to put off your dreams. It will tell you it can wait until things are better. They Fucking never will be!…More

Party Time

Good Morning, let’s go. This is going to be a weird week. I don’t know why, most weeks are weird. Something major happens and somehow we just keep moving. Tragedy strikes and we keep living. We keep the status quo alive. We have to, it is the only way we live and control our lives.…More