Don’t Get Stuck, Write Your Own Life Story

Good morning, let’s get it. What do you do when it is time to turn the page in life? Do you keep your finger on the last page you read? Do you have a finger holding on to a place thirteen pages ago? Do you forget everything that came before the new page? Are you…More

Growth, Getting Paid, and Money

Good Morning, let get it. You get to choose what you are getting paid for. Insane right? But it is true. It is one of the simplest truths out there. It is strange, but some people work for money. Like, that is their Why. I know it is normal to go to work for money,…More

Routine for Progress

Good morning, let’s get it. Routines are essential for progress. I hate it. I love chaos, but having a solid routine is important for growth. Especially long term growth. It is treating life like and art form. It is controlling your time and effort. A good sleep routine will produce better sleep. A good exercise…More