Plan For A Better Tomorrow

Everyone is different. Simple fact, our brains do not all work the same. Different segments of us process life differently. It is fine and okay. What looks like laziness to some people is actually just another person’s mental inability to initiate and follow through on tasks. The tasks still need to get done, they just…More

Reflections on Not Getting Sh*t Done

Reflection only works if you want to grow from it. We are two months into the year. Most of us have continued life as if we didn’t set goals. So, let’s take a step back. Let’s look at the last two months. They were crazy right? Shit happened that we didn’t expect. Life turned juked…More

The Value of Hope

To be human is to be aware of the future. To be human is also to have a negative bias of the unknown. And to have a shit day, week, or year is going to lead you to believe that the rest of life will follow suit. Horrible things happen. It is a fact of…More