We All Have Something We Are Working Through

Good morning, let’s get going. We all have to adapt to our situations. What most people don’t have to adapt to is themselves. They don’t have to have a strategy to get themselves to do something, most of the time it comes down to discipline or habit. Then there’s the others. The mentally distracted. We…More

A Little Better Over Time

Good Morning, Let’s Rock! This is going to be quick. Get better. Get a little better every day. Life is not a race, but a series of discoveries. Every turn puts us in a new position. We have the chance to grow, to pursue our purpose and to become better or get stuck. We can…More

Your Reading For Today

Good morning, let’s go. I got your horoscope reading for today. Today is going to be your day to get shit done. The sun, the moon, and the fucking stars are in the sky doing what they want. They are shouting to you, “Get the fuck up and live!” They are in alignment and want…More