Day 8: Happiness is The Result of Success

Problems are the way. They are the path to happiness.They are the cause and happiness is the effect.When we handle a problem we feel better, most of the time we feel- happy.I don’t like considering happiness as a goal. It seems unnatural. But the truth is that is the end for 99% of our goals.…More

Day 7: Don’t Miss The Beauty in The Journey

By this time you want to quit. If you are challenging yourself, 7 days feels like a life time. It is like Tuesday at work, you swear it is Friday, how could a week last this long. The trouble comes when we get so focused on our goals that we miss the life that is…More

Day 6: The Work Doesn’t End

I work up this morning, and said to myself just 24 more days. I took on a physical challenge, limited calorie diet, light kettlebell swings for five minutes while my coffee brews, and an hour long full body workout in the PM. My mind looks to the end, but it doesn’t realize it doesn’t really…More