What is the point?

I have been working out twice a day Tuesday through Friday. Believe it or not it feels like I watch a lot more TV. I watch shows while I work… I know it is not the best way to mentally focus on growth or to feel cool, but it is a two birds with one…More

Betrayal of Believers

The world we live in is full of misinformation. The people who spread it, spread it with an agenda and confidence. The people who listen to it believe it with trust and faith. They believe the speaker. They do not counter what is said with reasons it might be true, instead like watching a movie,…More

Prepare to Do Something

Most problems can be solved if we prepare for them.That is the post if you wanted to be quick about it.But the meat of the post is preparing is hard, because it takes planning.Most people treat life like their diet, they plan for the day or the week, anything after that is wild speculation. I…More