Take Charge of Your Week

When we decide to change, we take control of the situation. That doesn’t mean things turn out or they go smoothly. What it means is our thinking, attitude, and actions align in the direction we want them to go. The situation will no bowl you over, but have to account for you as a force…More

Personal History and Belief

Let’s Fucking Go. I was talking to an older gentleman yesterday. Shit, the stupid thing he believed. The dumb shit older people believe is amazing to me. What amazes me the most is just how much political bullshit they have ingested. I mean, yes, you can smell it on them, but when they speak, the…More

Choose The Work

Choosing the work you will do isn’t easy. Choosing takes self direction.There is no leader to follow. There is no clear path. There is no guarantee of success. What there is, is a guarantee of work. That is what it is like picking a goal, a dream, or a dead-end job. The ball is in…More