We read to be entertained, to be informed, to gain understanding. We want help navigating our life, we want just enough insight to change our lives, or to make sense of it. We read to escape our lives, to believe in something, to believe there is more than just this. We read because sometimes it’s easier than talking to others, we get to listen to a story and we don’t have to respond, we get to just enjoy living in a fictional moment or someone else’s experience. We read because we are interested in others. 

I write. I write for all the reasons I read, except I also want to express what I think. I write and it is like I am reading someone else’s thoughts. I write and the words come through and I get to think about what comes out, I learn what has built up inside me; I find out what well of information, feelings, and insight hide from my conscious mind. I get to experience the self-expression of what lurks inside.