First and foremost, this blog is for entertainment purposes. The soul of the blog is humor. Motivational fucking humor. Yes, we embrace and preach the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel of “you can do it and the universe has your fucking back.” Yes, we believe that you are a bad ass and deserve to be a rich boss, but your ego is holding you back. Yes, we believe some crazy shit, because life is no fun otherwise. Remember this as you read: No matter what is said or written or expressed otherwise, the intention is entertainment, not serious life advice. It is intellectual entertainment.

A little about Nino Olson. He is an upbeat, low brow, creative thinker, Artist and writer. He is a bibliophile and an avid consumer of non-fiction books. He is an ENFP on the Myers Briggs, an Aries, born in the year of the Monkey. He is also HufflePuff House. He is a Family Man: Okay-husband, father of five. Unorthodox Utahn by birth and citizenship.

Also, Nino is covering the cost to keep ads out of this bitch, you’re welcome 😉

Vaya Con Dios

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