Nino is a writer and artist living in Utah.

He writes daily at Lead Utah.  Which he created to get a job that, he got and then lost it. He thought well, I have it, I might as well use it. So in the mornings he wakes up, drinks a cup of coffee, and  proceeds to write information he will never use. He has spent years reading business books, leadership books, and all kinds of self development stuff, but in reality he isn’t driven by any of that, so being true to life he is giving in to his obsession to become a fictional writer. He blames not only his introverted nature, but his creative bent toward the whimsical. With that in mind, he is all in committed to becoming a professional writer and artist 😉

This website will not be like Lead Utah. It will not be a stream of consciousness, but thoughtful posts and complete works of art. For that reason the posts will be infrequent and hopefully great. He does use social media and is still introverted there. Go figure, it’s not just an in person thing. Just to be clear, he is not shy, just introverted and introspective, or when out and about imagining he is drawing what he is seeing, which leads to staring at people. In fact, he loves people and does enjoy hearing their stories. But if they get him talking, he may never shut up (passion spews forth).