You Will Never Be Somebody Else

Scroll through social media and you will see how different we all are. From the seemingly perfect to the absolutely ordinary accounts; if you look long enough, you will see how similar we are; similar but not the same.

Envy, such a sin. Or is it made a sin to keep people in line?

Most of morality works that way. On the surface seems right, but then if you look closer, the flaw is it holds people down or back. But I digress.

When we look at someone else and what they have, it is in our nature to want the good things in life too. The problem with being human is we are individuals who like to belong to a tribe, a group, a unit. It is part of our survival. It is why there are so many religions, political organizations, and sports teams. It helps root our identity, we don’t get lost when we belong. We know how to dress, what to like, who to like, what to aspire to. And after all of that a person, no matter how brainwashed, will be a shallow version of themselves; if they are striving to be someone else.

Being yourself is the only option you have when it comes to enjoying your life. Being yourself might look like fitting into your tribe, it might look like standing up for your rights or someone else’s rights, it might look like sitting in silence and watching the world. There are only two values worth striving for while in pursuit of being yourself, being of service to others and to be loving. Those two values in damn near any context should put you on the right path. I say should because people twist what love is so they can hate. People twist what being of service is to take more than they give. It is a damn shame, but it happens. The reality remains, you will be you. Love your life, enjoy it, it doesn’t last forever.

Later Gator šŸŠ