Betrayal of Believers

The world we live in is full of misinformation. The people who spread it, spread it with an agenda and confidence. The people who listen to it believe it with trust and faith. They believe the speaker. They do not counter what is said with reasons it might be true, instead like watching a movie, they suspend judgement and believe what is said.
They don’t know how to question what they are being told.
They live in a state of fear.
Fear is a better safe than sorry world.
Fear is a dog eat dog world.
Fear is the beginning of hate.
Hate is the root of all destruction.

As got ready to do a quick fifteen minute workout this morning, I watched an Instagram Reel. It was “Conservative” based and attacked the school for something they are not doing, as a part of a “Liberal” agenda. They were full of shit. They lied. They made false claims and worse yet some people in the comments believed it. Yes, there were people in the comments who flat out said this isn’t happening. But the believers do not care about the comments that don’t go along with the narrative they just bought. This kind of scam doesn’t only happen on the political front, it happens in the fitness industry. It happens in the get rich quick literature. It happens in the world of faith. People with good intentions suspend their ability to reason and put their faith in someone who profits from what is said.
The problem with misinformation is it comes with demonization of others.

Let’s be clear, I don’t hate MAGA people. I hate that they don’t see the freedom they want they are taking away from others. I hate that they don’t see how the laws that are being passed make criminals out of ordinary people trying to live. I hate that they sold their souls to a short lived belief. Because just like everyone else, if you get tot know them, we are no different. They want life, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness. They want to raise their children is safety… I hate the sin, not the sinner.

The only way to battle misinformation is to ask questions. It is to be a skeptic. It is to mistrust the speaker until they have earned it by telling the truth. Even after that, continue to question their motives and sources. These people take their money, their hope, their purpose and hurt families, communities, and the real American way of life, which has fought for more freedom.

I have to end here. I believe in people from the top to the bottom. Not all leaders are con-men and not all politicians are evil. I believe there are people who are doing good, but they are drowned out by the sharks who feed on human fear. Bad news, spreads faster than good, and bullshit is covered with a beautiful smile.

Later Gator 🐊