The Participation Trophy

I hate hearing people railing against participation trophies. They make the stupidest claims about the generation most of them either raised, were raised in, or are raising. They are blind to the realities of life. You see they believe in winners and losers. That is not the best ways for humans to survive and thrive. No, cooperation, interdependence, working together is. Being rewarded for that work with a little trophy isn’t ruing the next generation. In fact, they seem less likely to put up with a bad situation, like their parents did. The worth of their life will not be dictated by the “winners” at the top.

And now on to my real, beef. We live off participation trophies. That is fucking right. The sales are up or down at the store, the stocker will make the same amount of money. The warehouse, the fast food restaurant, the police station, firehouse, the military, they all draw a paycheck until there is nothing left. They get the money for participating. Their little reward for spending their life to make the world go around. The idea that they are less than because of it is ridiculous. Little fucking Timmy showing up to play outfield matters for the game to be played. You and I showing up to work so it gets done is just as valuable. Money is our participation trophy.

The business people who take all the profit are just stealing from their team. They believe in winners and losers and they are the reason our economy is in the tank. Instead of sharing it by raising wages slowly over the last 40 years, they kept it. They take in huge profits. Because we have bee taught to see the world as winners and losers, we see them as winners and the rest of us as losers who make the world go around for their safety, security and pleasure.

There is nothing special about an entrepreneur. Our grandparents lived off the land, managed a farm, and if the system hadn’t been built against them, most of us would be independent too. Thriving off the fruits of our labor and in trade with others in cooperation, or so the fantasy goes. The owner of a business is not more worthy of money because they own the means of producing income. Without others, there is no business. They should take a small piece, because over time their value to the work generally diminishes. I am not talking about managers, just people who get mail box paychecks.

Later Gator 🐊

P.S. I didn’t have time to write this post. But I want to say I have missed writing to you, and can’t wait to figure out a better writing schedule.