Sheep, Goats, and Deeds

Jesus tells a story about a shepherd separating sheep from goats.
A parable of the end- a judgement.
The basis of the judgement: how they treated the least of these.
Those who go to heaven, had helped out their fellow man. They cared for the poor, the immigrants, the sick, those in prison; they didn’t see Jesus in these people, they saw them for who they were and helped and cared for them. Jesus said to them what you did for them you did for me. Those were the sheep, they belonged to the shepherd.
The goats, didn’t see the people at all. They cared only for their lives. They didn’t give, they didn’t care, they didn’t foster, anyone in need. They didn’t see the poor as being worthy of life and dignity like themselves.
They were not like Jesus.
Jesus identifies with the lowly, the meek, the powerless.
What you did to them, he says to the goats, you did to me.
They said when did we see you poor, hunger, a stranger, sick, destitute?
Then, as the story goes, they go to hell.

The world we live in has a veil over it. People who claim to follow Jesus attacking others instead of helping them. They hate and call it love. They live in luxury and call it blessed. They take more than they give. This is always the case when the government forces Christianity on its people. It takes away its power to do good and be a belief based on the Spirit. When you force Jesus on people they become Goats. They do not have the life of the Spirit in them. What they have is the law, and the law only brings death. But to those who have the life of the Spirit, they are kind generous and sweet. They are a well for others to drink from. Those who do not have the Spirit only know the law and condemnation.

All of life is a spiritual journey. How we see ourselves. How we see others. What we choose to believe and what we have no choice to believe. What we do based on those beliefs. The life of the soul is conditional upon the belief of the mind. The further along on the journey the more you will see others as yourself. The more you will want to do for them, what you want for yourself.

You don’t have to believe in Jesus to see the truth here. There are those who would claim to be something and live contrary to it, the only way to see the truth is to examine their lives. A do gooder does good, a piece of shit will claim to be good and continue to be selfish.

Later Gator šŸŠ