Step Back From The Problem

I was going to run. I slept like shit all night thinking about going for the run. It was stupid. I also had mixed dreams of reality and movies. It happens. As I stirred from 3AM until my alarm went off at 4AM, I thought about getting up early and going to run. I thought about the sleep I needed to try and get. I imagined accidentally turning on my coffee pot before I ran and coming home to old coffee. I tossed until my alarm went off. I looked in the mirror, whoa, not a good idea, I grabbed my phone to check the weather. I needed to see if I needed unders on. It was going to snow. I looked at the phone, went to the living room and looked outside. Looked at my phone again. It wasn’t snowing, yet. I had a choice. I am miserable enough running in the morning cold. But I have no intentions of running in any worse conditions than cold. Yesterday was leg day, and it wasn’t the end of the world to miss. Besides that, I ran all week. What I wish is that I knew it last night, I would have gotten some sleep.

The thing is missing one morning run isn’t going to change what I have planned for my workouts. It is just one day and as long as it stays just one day, it is okay. The thing is, most of the time in life we are told to press forward, to try harder, or to figure out a way. But the situation might just ask for us to pull back. To let go, to step aside, to rest. Because of that run, you get a blog post and I get to do something I enjoy.
The point is, taking a step away from a problem can be a solution.

Later Gator 🐊