Good Morning, Start Again

So, we are back, but not to your regular blog post schedule. I know, 30 days straight was rough. I personally am not a fan of that being in my in box, but others like it.
Not to recap, but towards the end there my personal attitude became that of a positive go getter and believe me shit hit the fan in my life as life does its thing. It wasn’t the worst life events I had ever faced, just a series of WTF.
Now I will be on to new challenges; like running in the morning, I started yesterday and did it again today. Not an easy, fun task, especially for me because I love to ease my way into waking up. I do believe it will result in physical results I want, just less time in the mornings. Which means I have to figure out our blogging situation. Because I normally wake up and meander about, until I have to really focus on what I am going to write. Then it hits and I am off to the races. Doing my best to keep it short and within my time frame. And that is how I have approached blogging in a nutshell. Very much the impulsive way. Sometime by the end of this week I will decide how I want to proceed.

What I liked about the last thirty days was the effect it had on me. I was more pumped on life. I was ready to take on things in life and work people considered hard. I was primed for the day to do whatever I could to make it a good day. I even created a reminder on my phone that asked, How can I make today last as long as possible and enjoy it at the same time? With a follow up question, How can I get better today?
I am a person who keeps death in mind at all times. Not because I have a morbid fixation on it, but I realize this could end at any moment. Live, Love, Laugh, and Embrace the Struggle. That is what is real to me. I have had a harder time sitting still than I would like to admit. But I did, I sat down yesterday watched some anime, and my creative mind was watered. The beauty of being human is being nurtured and enjoying other peoples creativity as “Entertainment” to me it is life giving.

As much as I love writing these prose in the morning, that life giving entertainment is something I want to give to the world too.

That is something I need to make time for.
To me that is living.

Before the week is out I will set down a schedule for us here. I am sure I will just write to you twice a week, once might be too little. I need this more than I know.

Later Gator 🐊

Oh, and before I go, it is never too late to start again. Diet, fitness routine, career goals, family goals, financial goals and all the fucking dreams you failed at achieving. It is fine to try again. It is okay to fail until you die or succeed. It is your life, you choose your purpose and dreams. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SHIT HAPPEN. So go ahead, be like me a dreamer who still believes I can make life work for me.