Day 30: Some Zen Sh*t

Before we get on to the meat of our last day, congratulations! We did it! 30 days of positive thinking… It is just fine if you didn’t, I did. Just writing has had an impact on my day to day and when shit doesn’t go my way. So, on the mindset front it has been good for me. I hope you enjoyed this little journey.

Now, some Zen shit.

Before Zen chop wood, carry water, after Zen chop wood, carry water.
What changes when a person becomes enlightened happens on the inside. They become different in a world that they are more aware of. They see things differently and interact differently, but they still have to live. They still have to do the little things in life. Life doesn’t become easier, the dishes still need to be washed. That is how I feel about working on our attitudes, and deciding our mindset.

After all is said and done, we still have to live. This thirty day challenge just moves our trajectory of life into a more positive space no matter what happens. If we have to struggle or fight for our dreams and rights, we can do so in a positive way. We can do so looking for the most positive outcome. We can do so hoping for the best.
We can look at life’s normal challenges as easy.
We can look at life’s big challenges as a journey.
We can look at our everyday life with gratitude.
We can embrace this moment, sweat and tears.
We can mourn and hope, we can be the light we need to take the next step.
We can.

Unlike enlightenment, we need to work on our attitudes and mindsets. The nice thing is it doesn’t take our energy- it should feed it. We feed it with positive things for us. Things that inspire us. Things we want to think about. A rugged positive mindset embraces life as a challenge like a fighter with a grin. So, go enjoy this day and whatever it may bring.

Later Gator 🐊

It was fun writing these last 30 days.
I have no idea what is upcoming, but I will be back writing next week.