Day 29: Elevate your Attitude

Something needs to be said before, we are done with this challenge. Attitude, motivation, and will power need to be renewed daily. They don’t last. We are all human. Sometimes they need to be renewed throughout the day. Sometimes focusing on the goal helps other times, focusing on the journey. We are all different and at times we need things different than before. This is one of the reasons it is important to know ourselves and to know what pushes our buttons. So we can push them when we need to.

But this isn’t just a get yourself back in the game. It is take your ass to the next level. Don’t stay stagnant. Don’t think the mountain top is the highest you can get. Build a fucking airplane of motivation and when you’re done with that travel space and distant planets. Your thinking is always under siege- life is a fucking challenge. Bad things happen, even without the catastrophes and horrible shit that takes place on a major scale. People we love die, car accidents happen, relationships change, we change and our dreams don’t turn us on anymore, our physical bodies give out. Life is a duality of life and death. The only things that don’t change are not alive. Growth and decay are a part of life. Fighting to live is one of the greatest signs of life. It is a fight we have to make everyday.

One more day.
Thirty days come and gone.
In retrospect, it was nothing.
It was fast and yes, challenging.
I hope you have found something else you want to go after, even if it is for a short thirty days.

Later Gator 🐊