Day 27: Life is Ending

Any improvement in one’s life is going to be temporary. You may gain health, wealth, and wisdom, but on this earth it ends. No matter what you and I believe about the afterlife, we all die and that is reality. From the greatest of us to the least. Challenging yourself to do things to improve your life, or your station in life is a great use of that time. When we act like we have more time than we do, we waste time and that is all that our life is made of.

I don’t believe in work life balance. I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. A farmer doesn’t seek work life balance. An artist doesn’t seek work life balance. A corporate slave and workaholic seek work life balance. Greedy people who spend their lives in the pursuit of money complain about needing work life balance. But someone whose work is integrated into their lives doesn’t seek work life balance. Most people realize work sustains their lives. They do it, to do other things. No matter the case we all die and for us the work ends. For us the work might be taken up by someone else. We are just the ghost in the machine of humanity.

We are not the center of the world, but the center of our world. Our lives, passions, dreams count on us to live. The world around us will go on without us, but we have the opportunity to make it a better place. We have the opportunity to enjoy it. We have the opportunity to seek out our full potential. We have the opportunity to create visions and dreams that will out live us. We have the opportunity to hand off to the next generations a foundation of love and grace. We have an opportunity- right now. Our opportunity stops when we are dead. Doesn’t matter how old we are. If we choose to live, we can still make things happen. Doesn’t matter how small- we can start the momentum of a great thing.

Don’t let death end your life. Let it be the fire to move you. Let it be the companion that awaits you and says “Fuck yeah, I can’t believe you made it that far.”

Later Gator 🐊