Day 26: Lighting Others Way Illuminates Your Path

It is hard sometimes to believe things will work out.
It is hard sometimes to put in the work.
It is hard sometimes to care.

It is easy to get down.
It is easy to stay down.

It is hard to light a positive way for others when they are down.
Doing so lights your way.

There is something crazy about the way the world seems to work. If you live a life of service, you don’t have to worry about being served. In fact, you have to practice letting others serve you. If you live a life of loving, people will love you. If you give, you will receive. I love the quote from Zig Ziglar “You can have everything in life you wantif you will just help other people get what they want.” The best lives are lived in serves of others. Even if it happens by mistake. There are plenty of writers who kept people alive just by their words. Scientists who follow their curiosity and help the world. Businesses that actually serve their community and get all the business. And so on and so forth, the more people served the better your life can become. The problem most have is they don’t understand service as a way of life.

When we get down. Most of the time we are looking in and at our life too much. We see the flaws, life with no filter. When we stop looking an a mirror, when we stop looking at those who flaunt success, when we instead look to those we can help our problems become smaller. They still fucking exist, but they are just smaller hurdles to a larger purpose.

To wrap up- lighting others way makes your way clear.
And I will give you a little business truism; The more people you serve, the more successful you will be.
What we are taught is, it is best to be served. But the truth is success comes from knowing who you serve and how to serve them in a profitable way.

Later Gator 🐊