Day 25: Results Thinking

Keep the end in mind, isn’t an original idea. But it matters when we are working on projects we want to see come to life. Most of us get married to a way of doing things. It becomes a “my way or the highway situation.” Or a “that’s the way we have always done it,” kind of thing.
But we both know life isn’t always so straightforward like that. There are multiple solutions to most problems. But one of the main obstacles is our own thinking. We get caught in a it has to be done this way mindset.

Some people can’t get hired to do a job they spent, money, time and effort to learn, so they start their own company. Some try fifty diets until they get to one that is sustainable and enjoyable for them. Some people try multiple instruments before they land on the piano as their instrument of choice as a musician. Artist play with different media types before they decide oil painting is their way. Writers dabble in what interest them to get to a subject or style they can use to express or explain the world they live in. The means to an end isn’t confined to one way.

When we choose to be free- free from self imposed restrictions of how things are to be done, we find new ways and means to achieve our ends. To live out our purpose, to express what is inside. Going through a 30 day challenge is only a means. Focusing on the positive and the upside is a means to get you to make a life you want. To see the world as a challenge that you want to take on is a means to a happier life- not a perfect one, just a happier one. The end is of being a rugged optimist is enjoying the struggle and the victories- enjoying life itself. It is only one way though- I am sure there are other modes of thinking that are just as effective.

Later Gator 🐊