Day 24: Negativity is a Drug, Avoid it.

Depression, sadness, and negative thinking are mental traps that feed a world view loop, that some people never leave. One of the worst parts of being human is knowing we can’t force people to change. We can’t just snap them out of depression or a pattern of thinking of the worst. The best we can do is to try and influence them to think positively. But the truth is we can talk to ourselves, influence ourselves, and change our own minds. Most of us I believe can change our thinking.

It doesn’t just happen.
You have to choose- shit most of us have to fight- to think positive. We have to push back when negative thoughts pop-up. The main reason why is we cannot create a positive outcome with a negative mind. You see it is not only the negative thinking that gets us down, it plays out in the real world. It is the reason for most of the pain you see inflicted in the world. People have given themselves over to hateful ideologically ideas that have impacts on others lives. The problem is they are addicted to negative thinking. It is how they function in the world. When the mind uses it as a crutch it can’t make sense of what or why things are happening. And at some point the pleasure of hating becomes the reward.
The obvious problem is nothing is done to make life actually better.
Actions taken from a negative mind don’t build beautiful lives.
Now the obvious is people have things they love and in those instances they do build positive things. And at the same time that is the point. Building a life of positivity, of possibility thinking, of enjoyment- we have to give up hate. We have to refuse to give in to negative thinking. We have to find our pleasure in the pursuit in our chosen purpose.

So, the choice is obvious- avoid negative thinking. It truly has negative consequences.

Okay, there is a time and place of negative thinking. Preparing is a great place to use it, but it isn’t the way to live. It is great to look before you leap. It is great to inspect a car before you buy. To make sure you have a rainy day fund and to have insurance. That is the upside, but it is out of survival. But to thrive, we have to be positive so we can see opportunities. Even the ones buried in adversity.

Later Gator 🐊