Day 22: Make Time For Yourself

For most of us the work we do day to day is life draining. It doesn’t fill our cup, but it puts food on the table. We put force our minds and bodies to fulfill other people’s goals and daily agendas. The solace most people take is in dinner, a snack, the weekend, and zoning out for a few hours on the tv or most likely scrolling on their phone.

The mind and body can take a lot of abuse. Even by people who think they have low tolerance for pain and misery. They don’t realize how much they actually put themselves through on a daily basis’ and how damaging it is over time. They don’t see the gradual decline of quality of life and continual dissatisfaction with their situation until they hit a wall of disgruntled anger. The spend their lives digging straight into the ground thinking they are digging a well, but in fact it is an empty tomb waiting for them to collapse in.

The change most people make to get out of the hole starts with self. It starts with self care. They make time to go to the gym. They make time to eat right. They start to look for a new job. They cut out people who are toxic to their lives. They live with hope and push themselves to be better. They change their attitudes and most of the time cut out bad habits.

The craziest thing is we only have this body to live in. Most of us never try to maintain it, relish doing things in it, or care for it. The mind and body need rest. You and I need a break from information- entertainment- and news. Our minds need to just be; I know easier said than done, but necessary for us to actually rest. Our bodies and minds need sleep. We need a break from reality, we need a place to just be at complete peace. The most interesting thing I will let you know is, we don’t need prayer. Oh, shit! Taboo to say. But I know religious self-care emphasizes it as something for the soul. I disagree. What you need is a great place for your soul to be which is the body it occupies. Then it can have a conversation with you that isn’t about the abuse you are going through. Prayer is self-talk. Religion imposes prayers as strict self talk to control the dialogue you have with yourself, I said. Your mind and body is the only place your soul has to be- make it a good home and enjoy the abilities you have. Consider care for self as care for your soul.

We are almost done with our challenge and as we wrap up, we need to think about the future, how to make it better. It starts with how you choose to live. How you prioritize your life and health, because this is the only place your soul has to abide. The challenge of changing your life, attitude, body, career in thirty days ends, win, lose, or fail, you still get to live. Give your soul a place to enjoy being, no matter the outcomes.

Later Gator 🐊