Day 21: Beware Byproduct Goals

When we sit down to figure out what our goals are going to be, most people focus on the outcome rather than the journey. The problem is most of our goals are a byproduct of something else. The thing they are not the main thing.

If you get healthy and in good physical condition, you could have a rocking body.
You pursue your love of sports and become the greatest in the world, money and fame come with it.
You decide to be the best in your profession, money is generally the result of that renown.

The problem is we want the byproduct and not the work. The work of being a writer, artist, business owner is different than being rich and famous. There are decisions that must be made and actions to be taken. Make art, write, serve customers, and a eat right; won’t happen if we don’t focus on our real goals. Are real goals are intertwined with the work. When we focus on byproducts our work suffers. An actor who loves acting and prefects the craft is better than one who is trying to be rich and famous. Success is based on your ability to preform- that applies across the board to all fields.

Being a rugged optimist isn’t being focused on byproduct goals. It is focusing on what you can do. The work you have in hand now. If you have a fitness goal, then getting stronger, getting the right routine, and eating right are the goals- achieving those will get you the hot bod, but just wanting one has no means without the real work. Money as illusive as it feels is based on our ability to serve others. We either provide a service, entertainment, education, or a product, in exchange- boom money. It doesn’t really matter what economic situation you put on it, that is how it goes.

This little 30 Day mindset challenge is almost over. It is based on what you can do. Setting goals that are in your realm of capability and responsibility expands how you can positively impact the world. The better you get at achieving your goals the better you get at controlling your life. It is a funny byproduct but one of great importance. Don’t worry about the big things. Start small. Start with getting enough sleep. Start with eating a healthy meal. Start with reading a page a day. Start setting goals in areas of life you want to succeed in. Start small and work your way up. Let those good habits be the goals you work on. Focus on building a life you enjoy waking up to- serve yourself.

Later Gator 🐊