Day 20: The World Isn’t Against You

There are months and years where nothing seems to go right. There are days that feel like life could end and you wouldn’t blink an eye. You would accept it, everything else is against you, why keep trying. The problem with this thinking is it lives in one place, the underbelly of a pig, it is just dark and dirty, never to see the light of day. And it isn’t true. The worst moments we want a reprieve, but deep down, what we really want to do is live. We want peace, joy, security and comfort. We want to put an end to our struggle and get some rest.

But here is the thing, we take the world and life personal only when it is negative. We think the world is out to get us, nothing goes right, we choose to see things with a defeatist attitude. The truism I hold to is The Almighty is for you. Pushing you to live a better life, not letting you get comfortable in a life that doesn’t suit you and your talents. The Almighty will put in you a discontent that burns in you to change, yourself and the situation.
There are people who come into money and lose it quick. Think of the lottery winners. They didn’t earn it so they don’t know how to manage it. The same goes with the life of comfort and security most of us are seeking. We have a dream and we are told if we just believe it with emotion, it will come to us, but the truth is, if we do whatever it takes to make it a reality, we grow into it. Like a seed in the ground the Almighty has planted us in adversity. Not all of us will grow. Not all of us will accept the lessons. Not all of us will put in the work. But those that do, we will be rich in soil and able to encourage and help others along the way. And once we have grown, we become a life giving tree.
Because in the end, big dreams aren’t about us.
Life is best shared.
Even our wildest dreams.

But we gotta get there. Once we see adversity as opportunity, we see the world as being for us.

Hey, day twenty! How do you like that. Something to be proud of! Do something fun today.

Later Gator 🐊