Day 19: Dream

Some of us start out with crazy dreams. Unrealistic dreams and expectations that we will accomplish them. We have no foundation for the vision and the dream gets bigger than life and then undoable. It becomes a big overwhelming pressure. So, let’s not do that.

Here is the thing, just like being grateful, dreaming is important. It is a motivator and a destination creator. The problem we have is we try to solve future problems before we get there. It is like trying to figure out who you will sign a sports contract with before you have made a professional team. Yes, you might want to have that somewhere in your mind, but first you have to be good enough to get on the team of your choice, that needs to be the dream.

Most people dream of the weekend and getting through the day. It is easy, immediate and alleviation of current circumstances which they have little control over. That and they wait for retirement- well, they hope to live long enough to retire. Being an optimist is taking charge of your current circumstances by dreaming smaller.

The optimist knows problems arise and they need to be handled and not avoided. What they also know is the size of your dreams should grow with your reality. What you are capable of doing now to make them happen is all you can do. Let that motivate you. Build up the small victories. Build a castle of small accomplishments locking them in until you have a fortress of confidence. Don’t take a single one for granted, even the easy ones. Before you know it, you’ll have built a life you find fun to recount.

Later Gator 🐊