Day 18: Organize Your Day

We have twenty-four hours in a calendar day. The sun is irrelevant in this twenty-four hour period. When it is up or down, doesn’t matter. We all live by this timetable, it is a way to keep account of what happened and what we want to happen. It is why life works. For some the more precise time is accounted for the better they are at living. The better they are when it comes to controlling what goes on in their lives. They don’t have full control. Nobody does- shit will always happen. But it helps to know what you are going to do, and when.

There it is.
The vague bullshit, that sounds like advice, but is common sense. What I want you to do is to make a short list of things you are going to get done in a day. I priority list. Things that only you can do, that must be done. Things in the realm of your responsibility that are reliant upon you to be accomplished. There are less than a handful of things you can do that will change your life over time. Waking up early isn’t one of them.

There are plenty of books that will give you someone else’s priorities. Facebook, TikTok, any other social media site might be your only connection to other people. To be connected is a human need, even filled artificially like that keeps some people mentally stable- to them it isn’t a waste of time, but a way to connect and seen. But you need to have your own agenda for life and why you do things. Most of out lives need to be built around a few things, survival and ongoing survival, and well-being and growth. To move from surviving to thriving is to accomplish our goals.

These things are all a part of our timetable. The problem is some people pack their lives so much they don’t know what it is like to live and not work.
They don’t know how to enjoy others company.
They miss the point of being human and live like machines.
They forget laughing, playing, dancing and focus on productivity- not even real success.
Organizing your day is organizing your life.
If you do not make room to laugh and play- you are missing the joy of being human.

Later Gator 🐊