Day 17: Don’t Let The Rules Get In The Way

Rules are not laws- Rules are guidelines to life; laws have real consequences. Unless we are talking about scientific laws, which I think are unbreakable… Laws like the shit ones that get passed turning everyday people trying to live into criminals but be fought. But that is for another post. Laws like the Law of Attraction are just good sounding phrases to communicate truisms.

Rules are bullshit. They can get you fired from work, kicked out of someone’s house, and make you feel like your hands are tied. They are made up by people, organizations, and ourselves. It is how we govern ourselves in a civilized way. The truth is people create rules for themselves that hinder their growth. Just like organizations do to keep people in line.

There are countless books that give you the rules for living your best life- or at least that is what they are selling. They say if you follow them- success baby!

The Do’s and Don’ts list make for a boring life.

In the introduction of an 1950’s advertisement book, the author wrote about how he didn’t like the how to and rule books that were being written. He talked about how they stifled creativity. How they created copies and not original thoughts. Advertising needs break out ideas well executed. The same goes with any success we want to see. Just know the difference between the rules and actual laws of the land. Then do something fantastic. Most people who follow the rules don’t.

The challenges of life are best met when we are willing to do something crazy to win.

Later Gator 🐊