Day 16: The Power of Others’ Success

Growing up I drew a lot. It was what I was known for. But there is something I was able to do that looking back now is kinda cool. I could look at something and draw it. Not perfectly- sometimes I would get close, but I learned to draw better that way. I was able to draw comic book characters and cartoon characters by looking at them, now what would have been a challenge for me as a kid are simple doodles. What took someone years to understand and gain skill and competence, I was able to pick up and learn from, without having to go through it all.

It has been said if there is something you want to do someone has already done it. Which means three things for us- one it is possible, two we can copy it, and third we can celebrate it.

Let’s go in reverse order.
Celebrate others success, because it builds an abundance mindset. In a world of billions of people, it is great to enjoy the victory of achievements. Not many people set their lives up to achieve anything besides getting through the day or week. Get excited it makes life better.
The second point, if they can do it so can you. I know not everyone has the same abilities. But we all can learn from others opportunities and failures. Like playing a video game, every time we try we can get better at it. And if we watch someone else we can learn what is to come. We can look ahead and plan.
Finally, it is possible. Most of our dreams are possible. They are doable. They are workable. Someone has proved it can be done- now it is up to us to prove it can be done by us.

So, find your champions of possibility and learn how they did what you want to do- then try it for yourself. You are not guaranteed success, just a chance to go for it. That’s life.

Later Gator 🐊