Day 14: The Power of Laughter

Shit happens.
Good, bad, shit happens.
It happens to all of us.

I have gallows humor. I laugh at the misfortune that befalls me and others. I know it won’t last, I know it is temporary. I know pain and even in its most permanent states laughing in the abyss is better than crying.
Yes, there are moments we shouldn’t laugh.
But sometimes that is all you can do.

On the road to glory or just a life long dream- shit is going to happen. Mostly bad shit. Yes, there will be lucky breaks, help along the way, and wins to celebrate. But there will be circumstances that go south, dead end roads, and people who fuck up your plans. That is life, it happens. Those moments have the power to take the winds out of your sail. They make you want to quit. They, it, the resistance part of life is trying to take its power back.

When bad shit happens, sometimes all you can do is laugh. Laughing, changes the situation. It turns the bullshit, of life into a humorous story. It turns tragedy into triumph. It gives you a mental reprieve to gather your strength and try again.
It unfortunately isn’t for everyone.

But for most of life’s misfortunes, turn of events, and disappointments- just fucking laugh. Nothing is permanent. It will all be over one day. Your pain and suffering. The world and all that is in it. The biggest moments in history that have taken place and will take place end and new ones come. Being miserable might feel right, but rebelling feels great.

Once you do that, you might gain one of the best attitudes to have; Fuck it. The Fuck It attitude says, “yeah, shit is bad, let’s try anyway, it will be fun.”
You have a choice, dance in the rain, or mope in it.

Later Gator 🐊