Day 13: The Power of Emotions

The initial thought for this post is gratitude because of the ability to change how you see the world, but that would short change you. (We also went over it a few days ago) So, the reality we live in is emotions are motivators. Emotions are the movers and shakers of human life- without it nothing would happen.

When we look at life and history, we see a story of emotions. We see someone motivated to do something; not because logic, because feelings. They feel therefore they do. That is how we all are. We don’t want or we want- the emotions behind the desire matters. It matters because we have to motivate ourselves. We control the carrot and the stick- there is little need for a stick. But here it is- reward and punishment are ways to move us. But acting like we have something already as some would suggest removing the motivation.

In some books the authors suggest that focusing on your lack- creates more lack. Like focusing on a desired goal- to be sex, rich, or famous- and looking at it creates an awareness that you are not there, you don’t have it, and it creates a downward spiral. Your mind is filled with looking at why you are not these things. Other authors tell you to feel what it would feel like and hold that emotion. Almost an act as if, but instead a feel as if. Which in a sense creates contentment, but not true motivation. In fact, we keep our emotions to ourselves most of the time. We bottle them up and try to protect them. We don’t get to the level of feeling in a way that is useful.

So, right now we have a moment to reflect on our lives and the power of emotions in them. There have been people who ruin their lives because of anger. Others who changed their lives because of sadness. Many who live a dull and sad life because of fear. There are those who live an exciting and full life because of boredom. There are those who get rich because fear of lack keeps their eyes on the prize. There are those who help others because they don’t want to feel sad and useless. Then there are the reasons- the emotions that move us. When we choose gratitude as a reason to be happy, to keep going, we can also use it to do things.

“I am grateful that _____.”

That gratitude creates a positive emotion in us. Gratitude doesn’t bread contentment, it adds reasons to feed your emotional wellbeing. A negative mind doesn’t find positive solutions. It might be good in a fight, but most of us are trying to build a life, not tear one down. Gratitude as a starting point can help us look to a future and not feel want or lack, but ambition. We see where we want to be, we appreciate where we are, and we enjoy the journey along the way. Instead of looking and wishing we say “If it is to be, it’s up to me” and we keep moving forward. We can use anger, we can use sadness, we can use fear, we can use our desires to build a better life for ourselves and others. Gratitude keeps us grounded in positivity. The others are fuel to light our fire.

There is righteous anger, and sadness that makes reach out to help others. There is discontent that helps us change a bad situation. There are selfish dreams that make the world a better place. For us an our purposes, we build better lives, including our own.

Later Gator šŸŠ