Day 12: The Power of Thinking

Thinking isn’t believing. It isn’t hoping. It is the ability to reason.
The problem we have is we believe more than we think.
To be a rugged optimist, doesn’t mean you just believe. It means you reason too. You have to think things through. If shit worked out before and you think it will again, at least you know your base. But if I told you to just have faith and it doesn’t happen- you have no reason. I know the faith community holds to God has reasons, some we don’t understand. That justification, is the foundation for their belief system. I am not trying to sell you a belief system. If shit doesn’t work out, you need to figure out why. Take responsibility- even if you can do nothing about it. And figure out how to move on or how to prevent it from happening again.

The power to think is the power to be creative. It is the power to see the world from different perspectives. It is the light which lights our path.

The power decays when we just believe what others have to say. If they are the prophets of doom- they will profit from your fear. From news anchors to Sunday preachers they make a living letting you know how bad it is. And our minds believe it. We don’t second guess it. We don’t question it. We agree because we allow them a place of authority in our lives. Well, the power to think, the power to question and reason is yours.
Use that power to your advantage, don’t believe everything you read, but read. Read books, gain whole insights. Grow in wisdom and understanding- become the authority. Don’t rely on just one source- but search out multiple and question them.

The power to think is the power to choose what you believe, what you will do, and how you will do it.

Later Gator šŸŠ