Day 11: The Power of Choosing

I’ve written about this before, but it remains true in my opinion.
You can choose to believe what you want.
You can choose to believe the world is either for you or against you.
What you choose to watch, read, and listen to will determine what you believe. There are methods of seeing, doing, and thinking that helps us think of life in a certain way.
This is what religions do, they indoctrinated people with their world view. They write books, teach classes, have music, movies, and generally get a person to memorize text- all of that works into the mind and the person sees the world differently.

Does it always work? No.

But most of the time it does.

You, can do it too.
I know, I know, religion oooooo. I really don’t care- it is the truth. Religious faith is based on transforming the mind to see everything as a belief issue. It works on the core a person’s life and works its way out into relationships, work, and money. But the power of belief is that you can choose what you believe. That belief, will move mountains. You will be like the little engine that could. You can choose to read positive things, listen to positive music, books, and lectures, you can fill your life with positive people. Does it take work, yes. It takes effect over time. But the value of building positive beliefs last forever. It becomes a part of you.

The ability to choose goes beyond what you believe. But it is the starting place. Our choices are dictated by what motivates us, what emotionally moves us, what we think will happen if we try, and how we approach life and others. Our starting place in life is always with our mind. We live from the inside out.

Do you want to believe the world is for you or against you?

Later Gator 🐊