Day 10: The Power of Music

The world we live in offers us something special.
I see people take advantage of it daily- but I don’t see them use it to their advantage.
We have the power to listen to music- no matter where we are.
We have millions of songs in our pocket.
We also have the power to pick what we listen to.

We can pick the soundtrack to our lives. We can listen to music that makes us feel good. We can listen to music that enhances our mood.

Going on a run, having the right soundtrack will either push you too hard, or keep you at a great pace. The same goes for lifting weights in the gym. Shit, cleaning the house demands music. Growing up, my mom would listen to music while cooking. Music would play when we have friends over. As a teenager music connected people- it still does, but not like it did back then. What kind of music you listened to mattered- it was a rare commodity to own a tape or CD. You had to go somewhere to buy it, if they had it. But I digress.

Music is fuel for life if we choose it to be. We can create uplifting soundtracks that express what we want to feel. Music can put us in the mood to get shit done. Music can fuel our ambition. It can settle us down to relax. It is a powerful tool if we want it to be. We have twenty more days to go- let’s fuel this bitch and keep going.

Later Gator 🐊