Day 8: Happiness is The Result of Success

Problems are the way.
They are the path to happiness.
They are the cause and happiness is the effect.
When we handle a problem we feel better, most of the time we feel- happy.
I don’t like considering happiness as a goal. It seems unnatural. But the truth is that is the end for 99% of our goals. We push to get to an end that will make us in a sense happy. We believe that earning more money will make us happy, so we get after the problem of being broke. The truth is, the money might not make us happy. We want to lose weight, so we look good naked. So, we create diet and exercise problems to get us in shape. Once we solve those we will be happy for a moment. Happiness like problems don’t last forever. It is okay not to be happy, but it is not okay to stay that way. *IF you suffer from depression, get help from a professional, I am not a professional and this is not advice for depression*
Problems, as much as it is seen as as bad thing, are the fuel of life.

We are on a thirty day challenge. Getting through it will make us happy, either we accomplished something or finished the thirty days- results do not equate the feeling of finishing. Like coming in last at a marathon event, you fucking finished. The same goes with getting the kitchen clean, clearing cupboards, and finishing a puzzle. The small successes add up in the long run, but in the short run- they keep you going. If you are into bodybuilding, Tracking everything is paramount to success and super encouraging because of all the little successes. If you write hitting that word count until the book is done. If you are an artist, mastering the simple gesture of a finger… Success is best felt when we choose our problems. But consider, when someone pays off a debt- they feel amazing. The real pressure is lifted, they now have some spending money. When someone finally gets their dream job, the world looks different and they are on cloud nine. That is until they have to perform and achieve success through problem solving in their chosen field.

The beautiful thing about choosing to be a rugged optimist, is challenges are an accepted part of success. Others see a mountain of trouble, we see a mountain to conquer. The journey is more enjoyable when you add the anticipation of success. Most people just pack a bag of complaints as they put their heads down in defeat and say it was too steep.

Hey, if you haven’t set a thirty day goal. It is okay to start one at any random time, like today. In thirty days you could be on a totally new trajectory as the main character in your world.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
-Winston Churchill

You can even flip it.

Later Gator šŸŠ