Day 5: Don’t Give Up

There is a shitty truth. A truth that successful people don’t tell the whole story. The truth of their story is edited out, glossed over, condensed. It is the Wall. The Wall is skipped in novels, it’s represented in movies with 5 years later, it is the plateaus, failures, and the fucking grind of doing the same thing over and over and over. The Wall comes in many shapes. It is up to us to climb it, go around it, dig underneath it, or break it down either way- we are getting to the other side.
The problem with these movies, shit even YouTube videos where they cut away, is those are the moments you want to quit. That is when shit gets hard and you have to ask for help. That is when shit gets hard and you find the limit of your strength. That is when negative self talk kicks in because your brain wants to save you. It wants to free you from the pain. All your ego and subconscious mind see is the WALL. That is when you need to remind yourself this is for your good. You will grow from this. You will be better after doing the hard thing. This step is important because it will lead you to glory. This step is what validates you to yourself. Once you get passed this wall you will learn to pass other walls by proxy.

On day five we might feel like quitting. WE have only begun to push and become stronger. We must hold a future version in our head of who we want to be and then make it so.

Don’t give up, change is the struggle life takes to make something beautiful.

Later Gator 🐊